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X-Men Power Slammers - 1998

This series' gimmick would be large cannons that when "slammed" would fire some projectiles out. The figures in this series would be pretty well done, but not much for new figures here, except for a Master Mold figure.

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Gambit is also in his Shi'ar costume as he appeared around Uncanny X-Men #345. This figure is very well done as well although he seems a little small to me. He comes in a weird pose as well as if he's sitting down. The figure is very well articulated though.

Figure ability: Rapid fire card cannon slammer
Accessories: Power slammer, Discs x6

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Master Mold

This Master Mold figure is actually just the head of the Master Mold, a very large Sentinel. The figure shoots small sentinel figures for projectiles and is held up by spider-like legs. This is definitely one of the stranger figures made.

Figure ability: Firing sentinels
Accessories: Sentinel Discs

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This is Rouge in her Shi'ar costume as she was around Uncanny X-Men #345. The figure is very well done and looks just like she did in the comics. The only minor difference is her outfit was purple and orange in the comics, instead of maroon and orange.

Figure ability: Double barrel slammer
Accessories: Power slammer, Discs

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This Wolverine is in a costume I don't think he ever wore. The figure is pretty good though, and the scale is correct as he is a lot shorter than most of the other figures. The articulation is very good in this figure as well.

Figure ability: Rapid fire disk slammer
Accessories: Power slammer, Discs x6

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