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X-Men Battle Blasters - 1997

This is the first "Secret Weapon Force" line. This series contained three figures from the Age of Apocalypse, and a Cyclops. All each figure is packaged with large Accessories that fire projectiles and only contains four figures.

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This is another figure of Cyclops in a costume he never wore in the comics. This figure is actually an X-Men 2099 Meanstreak figure with a visor on it.

Figure ability: Firing tank
Accessories: Tank, Projectiles x3

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Jean Grey

This Jean Grey is her from the Age of Apocalypse storyline and is probably the best figure in this lineup. It is strange that a decent normal Jean Grey still had not been made. The figure's body is a repaint of the Monster Armor line's Mystique figure and the prototype even has the Mystique head. For the final release she would get a newly sculpted head though. The tank that came with the figure didn't seem to work very well.

Figure ability: Catapult tank launcher
Accessories: Tank, Projectiles

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An Age of Apocalypse Omega Red, he appeared only once in the comics and was an odd choice for a figure when a lot of other characters (especially Age of Apocalypse characters) had yet to be made. This figure is not bad, but it has a large head. The body is actually a repainted Quark figure from the X-Force line.

Figure ability: Spinning rocket blaster
Accessories: Tank, Projectiles x4

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This is an Age of Apocalypse Weapon X Wolverine. Well, it would be if it only had one hand. This figure is a repaint of the Invasion series' Captive Sabretooth and I'm not sure why it was repainted into a Wolverine.

Figure ability: Claw cannon blaster
Accessories: Tank, Missile x3

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