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X-Men Missile Flyers - 1997

The Missile Flyers series is the first of several series to come with only four figures. It originally was scheduled to have 5, but the Cable figure was dropped. The new trend in figure lines was to only include 4 figures instead of 5. The cable figure would not be released under any other line. All of the figures have wings that snap on and fold out and are all "futuristic" as Bishop, Shard, and Cable were all from the future. Apocalypse does exist in the future and no series would be complete with a Wolverine. They should have left out the Wolverine and left Cable in.

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This is a very futuristic version of Apocalypse that is modeled after the way he appeared in the future timeline from the comics where he raised Cable's son Genesis. His bizarre appearance is explained as it being a sort of mech the ancient Apocalypse lives in. His fold out wings were actually part of the figure unlike the rest of the figures, who features snap on wings. The figure is also very detailed and very large but is not very articulated.

Figure ability: Fold out wings that fire missles
Accessories: Missiles

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This is the second Bishop figure made, as all the others were reissues of the original one. This figure is a little larger than the original Bishop, but it still has a good sculpt with great articulation. This figure doesn't seem as detailed as a lot of recent figures had been. This figure also has somewhat large hands and feet, and the overall sculpt is more animated.

Figure ability: Fold out wings that fire missles
Accessories: Fold out wings x2, Missiles x2, Backpack

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A Cable figure was originally scheduled to be included in the line. It had been awhile since there had been a Cable figure since the X-Force line had been done with for a while. This Cable is larger and bulkier than any other Cable up to this point and is meant to detail the extent of Cable's techno-organic virus. This figure would have made a nice addition to both the X-Men toyline and the X-Force toyline. As was the case with the majority of Cable figures, no others have been made in this particular outfit to date.

Figure ability: Fold out wings that fire missles
Accessories: None

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Shard is the only new character to the series. She is from X-Factor, which gives us one more X-Factor figure. The figure features a hair ponytail, not molded in plastic like most other figures. The figure itself is pretty detailed and has good articulation. She is very skinny though, which is true to the comics. This figure was the most common of the series. This would be one of the final X-Factor figures scattered throughout the X-Men lines over a few years, going back all the way to X-Men Series 3.

Figure ability: Fold out wings that fire missles
Accessories: Fold out wings, Missiles x2

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Wolverine never actually looked like this in any comic or animated series, but they had to put a Wolverine variant in every series. The figure has a futuristic theme and is decently done, and actually has quite a bit of sharp spikes/claws in several places on him. He comes with a removable helmet as well. The figure has decent articulation and is actually very detailed. Though the unmasked head is a bit too small, this is most likely so the mask would not be look too large.

Figure ability: Fold out wings that fire missles
Accessories: Fold out wings, Missile, Helmet

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