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X-Men Space Riders - 1997

Another series that had all the figures come with a large accessory, which in this series is a piece of a spaceship. The series had a lot of good characters, along with a Jean Grey. However, all the figures wore space gear so they didn't look quite how they did in the comics. All the spaceships that come with each figure can be put together to form a larger spaceship.

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This version of Beast is one of the stranger figures of the character. The figure comes with an oxygen mask like the others. He is not wearing a complete space suit like the other figures are. His legs and arms and chest are still exposed which makes him look odd sort of odd. Like Cyclops, Beast's head is taken from the way his hair was drawn in the older comics where it was shorter and neater.

Figure ability: Space ship piece
Accessories: Spaceship, Missile, Mask

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This Cyclops figure is a heavily modified version of his normal costume. The head is actually from his older costumes that covered his hair. The figure itself is very detailed, although it looks like he is wearing way too much stuff. He comes with a mask that attaches to his face that is connected to a hose that connects to his arm. The figure is decently articulated, featuring knee, leg, and arm articulation points.

Figure ability: Space ship piece
Accessories: Spaceship, Discs x2

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Jean Grey

This is the first Jean Grey figure released in the series. She doesn't look too bad except for all the extra space equipment she is wearing. I know many fans were disappointed with this figure. Articulation-wise she is not bad with the usual points. Like the other figures in this wave she comes with an oxygen mask.

Figure ability: Space ship piece
Accessories: Spaceship, Missiles x2, Mask

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Professor X

The third professor X figure and the first one where he is walking. I thought it would have been a better figure if they used the Shi'ar armor he had in X-Men #25 when he fought Magneto. In terms of the figure, the sculpt is pretty well done, especially the head.

Figure ability: Space ship piece
Accessories: Spaceship, Missle x2, Mask, Cable

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Another Wolverine variant and this is one of the better figures in this series. He is hunched over like a lot of the Wolverine figures were starting to do. His head can move up so when he lays on his stomach on his spaceship part he can still look straight ahead. This figure also has some of the bigger claws that any Wolverine figure had.

Figure ability: Space ship piece
Accessories: Spaceship, Mask, Spaceship claws x2

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