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X-Men Savage Land - 1997

This series' ability was that large "mutant dinosaur" that came with the figure. The figures all had a savage land theme, but not a lot else to offer. A few of the figures in this series had not been made before, like Angel and Joseph, but this series had their costumes all ripped up. I would have liked to see these figures in a normal lineup.

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This character actually did show up in the comics in the Savage Land from time to time. One of his arms can move, but that's it. His head is soft so water can be squirted out of it.

Figure ability: Water squirting action
Accessories: None

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This is the first figure of Archangel when he was just Angel. The figure is pretty good as it uses the Archangel 3 head. Since it is Angel the figure has feather wings instead of the metal ones that Archangel has. Angel came with Sauron, who is an actual X-Men villain. This figure would have been better if his costume was not all ripped up since there were very few Angel figures. The prototype had the same head as the Quicksilver figure, but instead came with the same head that Archangel III had.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Sauron figure, Bone claw, Vest, Wings x2

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Colossus (Dinosaur)

Not to be confused with the character Colossus - this is just a triceratops that came with the Savage Land Storm figure.

Figure ability: Head ramming action
Accessories: None

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Crawler Rex

A small Tyrannosaurs Rex came with Wolverine. The top of his head was spring loaded so you could open his mouth and have his jaw snap shut.

Figure ability: Jaw chomping action
Accessories: None

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Joseph was a relatively new character in the X-Men and got a figure in this series. The figure uses an Age of Apocalypse Cyclops body with a new head. The figure is pretty well done although I would have liked to see a non-ripped up costumed version of this character.

Figure ability: Shooting wooden shield
Accessories: Amphibious figure, Shield launcher, Shield

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This is one of the few figures that makes sense in the series. Kazar was a Tarzan like man who lived in the Savage Land and had a tiger named Zabu who was his actual pet in the comics. The figure uses a slightly modified Archangel II body which was originally from the Hercules toyline. He also features a repainted Hercules head from the same toyline. The axe and spear the figure came with can fit onto the shield.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Zabu tiger figure, Shield, Spear, Axe

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The only 'Mutant Dinosaur' that is its own figure. This is technically the second Sauron figure and this one is pretty good and it fits in very well with the Savage Land theme.

Figure ability: Wing flapping action
Accessories: None

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The Storm figure is one of the better figures in the series. The figure comes with a ripped up outfit like the rest of the figures and a lightning bolt accessory. Her clothes are actually removable as well. Like many other figures she has the ball-jointed arms. Storm comes with a Triceratops named Colossus.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Colossus dinosaur figure, Lightning bolt, Sash, Shirt

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This version of Wolverine is modeled after how he looked around the time Onslaught was in the comics. He did wear a ripped up costume like this, but he did not wear all the skulls. Only the skull belt is removable.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Crawler Rex dinosaur figure, Belt

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Zabu can pounce on people if his back legs are pulled back. The figure will spring up when let go of.

Figure ability: Pouncing action
Accessories: None

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