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X-Men Water Wars - 1997

The Water Wars series contains a bunch of remakes and one new figure - a Sentinel. The remakes are all pretty good. Each figure comes with a water squirting ability either built into the figure, or it is part of the figure itself.

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This is a new Nightcrawler in his current outfit at the time. His water gun can attach to his shoulder to help it stay up. This figure is very well articulated by featuring ball joints in his arms and elbow, knee, tail, and ankle joints as well. His shirt doesn't seem to stay on all that well, though.

Figure ability: Large water gun squirts water
Accessories: Sword, Shirt, Watergun, Projectile

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Sentinel Test Robot

This is the only Sentinel figure in the 5 inch scale. A large playset was made but this smaller figure is more articulated and detailed. Sentinels sometimes vary in size so he's not too out of scale. The legs extend some to make him taller and the arm can interchange from a large gun to a ball and chain. The figure is not as articulated as some of the others but still has a very good sculpt.

Figure ability: Squirting water action
Accessories: Watergun Arm, Mace Arm, Back tank

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This Storm's ability is the base she comes on, as it does the water squirting. The figure is very cool and her cape just clips to her arms. The arms actually have a ball joint and can move quite freely but her cape does not move which makes her look odd when her arms are not clipped to it. This is a very good figure.

Figure ability: Squirting water action
Accessories: Water squirting base

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Ultimate Iceman

This is another version of the Age of Apocalypse Iceman, and is even bigger than the previous version. This time the figure is an all new sculpt but it is meant to simulate the extent of the character's powers. Because of this, he's not real articulated since he doesn't have any legs just a larger ice base. His arms can move some and his head can turn. They way this is sculpted does not leave much room for articulation although it is very well done. He has 2 ways of squirting water through the figure itself and through the small water pump that can shoot an ice spike from his chest.

Figure ability: Squirting water action
Accessories: Water pump, Ice spike, Ice bacelets x2, Ice chest plate

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This is probably the best Wolverine that has been made. This figure is even hunched over some and is shorter than the others like Wolverine is in the comics. The claws are done pretty well as well and it has great articulation, by the use of ball joint shoulders and knee articulation. The figure comes with a small gray shoulder pad that the large water gun attaches to help it stay sturdy. The small shoulder pad can be removed though.

Figure ability: Large water gun squirts water
Accessories: Watergun, Projectile, Shoulder Pad

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Wolverine Unmasked

The same as the regular Wolverine, just no mask and bone claws. This is how his claws looked in the comics for a time, after Magneto removed the adamantium from his skeleton.

Figure ability: Large water gun squirts water
Accessories: Watergun, Projectile, Shoulder Pad

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