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X-Men Robot Fighters - 1997

This assortment was not very good and the only good ones were the Jubilee and the Storm. The Storm came in two variations, one with short hair and the normal long haired one. Cyclops, Gambit, and Wolverine were not very good in my opinion. In this series, the figure abilities came in the giant Accessories that were packaged with the figures. A lot of the series after this started packing large Accessories with the figures. All of the figures in this line are not very articulated.

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The Cyclops figure is ok, also has an angry face. The figure also could use some more articulation. Like Wolverine, his costume is a modified version of the one he wore in the comics only with extra armor he never wore in the comics. .

Figure ability: Robot Apocalypse opponent
Accessories: Apocalypse robot, Missiles x4

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This Gambit figure is ok, but it is not very articulated. This Gambit's face looks like he is angry or constipated. This Gambit is holding a few cards in his left hand and the hands can be rotated.

Figure ability: Attack robot
Accessories: Attack Robot, Missile

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One of the better figures in the line, this is Jubilee's second figure, the first being in the Generation X line. The figure was a little taller than it should be, and could use more articulation in the knees and elbows, but it is still a decent figure. The face and head though is much better than the Generation X figure.

Figure ability: Attacking Sentinel hand
Accessories: Sentinel hand, Finger missile

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This Storm was painted to show her current costume at the time. The figure itself is really well done with the exception of being a bit taller than most of the other figures. Her hair is kind of heavy which makes the figure hard to stand up sometimes. The figure does have ball-jointed arms though, which gives a lot of movement.

Figure ability: Lightning firing machine
Accessories: Lightning firing machine, Lightning bolt

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Storm (short hair)

The figure is exactly the same as the normal version but with shorter like what she was wearing in the comics.

Figure ability: Lightning firing machine
Accessories: Lightning firing machine, Lightning bolt

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This Wolverine was not one of the better ones. This one had ok articulation, but the figure itself is not very good at all. The hair is what looks the worst to me. The costume is a modified version of his yellow one.

Figure ability: Figure sized robot Sabretooth
Accessories: Sabretooth robot, Claw missle

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