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Marvel Legends Series 7 - 2004

Fans had mixed feeling about series 7, as it did include 3 figures that were redos of existing figures already in the Marvel Legends line. And, at first it seemed to many that they only figures that people could find were those 3. Later, more Apcoalypses, Visions, and Hawkeyes would find their way into cases and make it a bit easier to find. Chase figures were again repaints or modifications of existing figures, both starting with the work ‘Phasing’. No one knows why Ghost Rider is ‘Phasing’ but that’s what the package says.

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X-Men fans were long awaiting a new Apocalypse figure. This figure is pretty big, though he looks a little wide. Personally, I'd like if he were a bit taller. Still the sculpt and detail are very well done and even the hoses in the back that attach from his arm to his back are done in the soft plastic so that they don't hinder movement.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Temple base

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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider also gets the new figure treatment in this lineup. This figure though is a completely new one and not a remold of his existing figure. The figure itself is a lot scrawnier than the first figure and looks more like a skeleton in a jumpsuit like he is sometimes drawn as in the comics. Articulation is great as usual and the flames on the head are much better done than the first with this time being molded out of a translucent plastic. The jaw on the skull can move too, and when it does the pupils of the eyes move in and out some so that his eyes are black when the jaw is closed and you see two yellow dots in the center of his eyes when open. Like the first figure, he features a motorcycle for a base, but this time the wheels actually move much like the motorcycle Blade came with.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Motorcycle

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Hawkeye would help fill the Avenger's ranks just like Vision would in this series. Hawkeye's figure is actually very well done and a large amount of detail went into him. The loin cloth is a soft plastic so that it doesn't hinder movement at all. He comes with his Hoverbike, which he did have in the comics as well as a quiver with many removable arrows. One of the arrows even has Ant-Man riding on it, just like the cover of the comic that he comes with. His other arrows are all different as well, just like a lot of the trick arrows he actually had.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Stand, Quiver, Rock base, Hoverbike, Arrow, Arrow, Arrow, Antman arrow, Bow, Arrow

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Phasing Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider gets a variant figure with his classic blue outfit and a semi transformed head. I don't know why he's called 'Phasing Ghost Rider' on the package though.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Motorcycle

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Phasing Vision

This variant of the Vision is the same figure, just molded in clear plastic.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Silver Centurian Iron Man

Iron Man gets a new figure in this lineup which gets to be a remold of the first Iron Man figure as well. The figure is done up in his classic silver and red armor (called Hologram Armor from earlier Iron Man figure lines). The figure comes with no base, but a large rocket that can attach to his back. The face plate is also removable just like the first figure. This would be one of the easier figures in the series to find.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Shoulderpads, Rocket, Mask

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Vision is another long awaited addition to the Marvel Legends lineup. He certainly helps fill out the Avengers ranks. The figure itself is pretty well done and uses the same body that the X-Men Classics Archangel used. The cape is a very soft plastic and is pretty movable. Vision also comes with the same base Deadpool did, and can attach it to his back to look as though he’s flying. The head on the figure always looked a bit big to me, but it’s not that bad. Overall a good figure.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Figure stand

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Weapon X

Wolverine gets yet another figure in this lineup this time in his Weapon X outfit - or lack of outfit as the case may be. The figure is done well and is what we would expect from this line. This Wolverine is nice and short like the others and even has interchangeable heads from the Weapon X helmet to a non helmet head. Collectors wondered about 2 Wolverine figures back to back though and made them worry that this would be a new trend. This figure would definitely be packed the heaviest and sell the least.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Helmeted head, Normal head, Monitors x2, Weapon X base

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