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Spider-Man Arachnaphobia - 1996

This is a small series of Spider-Man figures in that there were only three figures. All three figures are large versions of Spider-Man crossed with other characters. These versions of the character have never appeared in the comics. The figures are much larger than the tradional 5 inch Spider-Man figures out at around the same time though Man-Lizard and Vampider do not look too out of place. Spider-Goblin is the smaller figure but still fits better in the 6 inch scale of Spider Man Classics and Marvel Legends. The figures all featured some sort of wind up actions. The line is a lot like the Mutant Monsters line from the X-men series which was released around the same time.

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This Spider-Man is crossed with the Lizard. The figure can be wound up and the little arms and mouth will move. The tail is also bendable. In the original prototype photos the mask was more ravaged than the final release.

Figure ability: Wind up action
Accessories: Tail

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Spider Goblin

The Spider Goblin is Spider-Man crossed with the Hobgoblin. The figure itself is smaller than the other two. Prototype photos showed the figure pictured with the Spider-Slayer glider-shaped robot from the comics, but it was not included in the final release for reasons unknown. A different, smaller version of the Spider-Slayer would later be released with the J. Jonah Jameson from the Spider Power 2 line.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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This is a Spider-man crossed with Morbius, the vampire. The figures wings will flap when wound up and the jaw will also move. In the original prototype pictures the figure was black with white eyes, making him look closer to Venom.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Wings x2

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