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X-Men Ninja Force - 1997

A great assortment of figures, this would give two characters who had no figures. One of those would be a nice addition to the Age of Apocalypse collection. All the characters in this lineup have a ninja theme.

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Deathbird is a good choice for a new character figure. She appeared from time to time in the comics and also gets a great figure. The wings are attached to the back of her arms so when her arms move the wings move up and down as well. The hoses on the arm pieces of her armor kind of restrict her arm movement though.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: Snap on armor x2, Spear, Leg armor x2, Feather shawl

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Holocaust (Dark Nemesis)

Holocaust is another Age of Apocalypse characters. The character's name was changed from Holocaust to Dark Nemesis to avoid getting in trouble. The figure itself is really good and you can even see the skeleton that's inside the armor through the clear orange plastic that the armor is made from. The figure is also very well articulated for being a larger figure.

Figure ability: Staff fires projectile
Accessories: Staff, Projectile

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Ninja Wolverine

This is another Wolverine variant, though this one is pretty good since he did sometimes wear a martial arts uniform. He comes with cloth clothing, and one of the first figure to have bone claws instead of the normal adamantium claws. All the cloth parts can be taken off. The kneepads on this figure are not very secure. He also comes with a whole bunch of weapons. This is one of the better Wolverine variants made.

Figure ability: Assault gear
Accessories: Knee pads x2, Shirt, Pants, Chain, Sword, Scythe, Grappling hook, Belt

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This figure uses the same body as the light up Psylocke with the original head that that figure was supposed to use. She also comes with a cloth cape and snap on psychic blades. The hair is a lot lighter than that of the Light up release and she does have the mark of the crimson dawn on her face.

Figure ability: Power sword
Accessories: Cloak, Psychic scythe, Backpack, Psychic blade

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This is Sabretooth how he looked when he was working for X-Factor. This is one of the better Sabretooth figures, as it is bigger than most figures, since that is how he was in the comics. This figure would also get repainted into his regular outfit, which made the figure even better. The figure comes with a removable cloth shirt and a mask that will tie around his face. He also has large claws that snap on his arms.

Figure ability: Snap on arm claws
Accessories: Arm claws x2, Mask, Shirt

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