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Spider-Man 6'' Classics Series 9 - 2004

This series would be one the of the better ones in the line. Fans actually wanted some of the Spider variants, as they were not all the same like earlier ones. This line featured a Black suit Spider-Man, which is always a fan favorite and another Rhino.

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Black Spider-Man

Another Black suit Spider-Man would be welcomed to the series, as there had not been a Black suit variant in quite some time. The figure itself is pretty good, with the same level of articulation that was in any other Spider-Man, but the black suit made him a fan favorite.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Glider, Shoulder straps

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Cyber Spider-Man

I donít think Spider-Man ever looked like this, but it is a very neat variant. The figure is actually hollow for some reason, as there are several holes in him. The level of detail is really good and really makes him look robotic.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Cyber spider, Missle, Missle launcher, Shield

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Secret Identity Spider-Man

This is an interesting version of Spider-man. The Spider-Man figure itself is decent, and just as good as any other. What sets it apart is that you can change him into Peter Parker with an interchangeable head, feet and arms. The pants and shirt can be pulled over the spider outfit. This would be the first Peter Parker figure in awhile, and itís a nice touch.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Jeans, Peter Parker arms x2, Peter Parker feet x2, Backpack, Sweatshirt, Peter Parker head, Spider-Man head, Spider-Man feet x2, Spider-Man arms x2

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Ultimate Rhino

This would be Rhinoís second figure in the Classics line. This one has his Ultimate look to him, and it adds a lot of detail. The figure itself isnít as articulated as many of the other figures in this line, but the level of detail makes up for that.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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