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X-Men Mutant Monsters - 1996

This series actually included two Age of Apocalypse figures (Dark Beast and Sugarman) that were not featured in the Age of Apocalypse series of figures released around the same time. This series is different from the rest due to a few factors. All three figures in this series are of a 6 inch scale rather than the previous 5 inch scale and thus can fit in with Marvel Legends figures aswell as older 5 inch scale figures. Also, each figure has growling voice action of some sort.

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Dark Beast

This Beast figure is modeled after how he appeared as 'Dark Beast' in the Age of Apocalypse storyline. The figure is more to the 6 inch scale but still fits in well with the other Age of Apocalypse figures.

Figure ability: Howl and scratch action
Accessories: None

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Sugarman adds another Age of Apocalypse villain to the X-Men toyline. He was actually bigger than everyone else in the comics, so he is not too out-of-scale.

Figure ability: Laughing
Accessories: Hammer, Axe

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Transformed Wolverine

Wolverine never actually became a Werewolf in the comics or animated series. It is likely that Wolverine was chosen because of Toybiz's trend of including a Wolverine figure of some kind in every series. The figure itself is the smaller of the three, the sculpt is very detailed. He's wearing the few tattered remains of his classic yellow and blue tiger stripe costume.

Figure ability: Howl and slash action
Accessories: None

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