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X-Men Mutant Armor - 1996

This is another series with no picture for it. This series contained several figures which used bodies from an Iron Man series 5 line that got scrapped, which the exception of Quicksilver, who uses a Spider-man body.

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Age of Apocalypse Iceman

This Iceman is a repaint of the Invasion series Iceman. The main difference is that this Iceman was molded from a clear dark blue plastic and the head was resculpted to look more like he did in the Age of Apocalypse. Iceman also comes with new ice-limbs, a large hand and a spike. There are also ice chunks to attach to his feet which make him a bit taller.

Figure ability: Snap on ice limbs
Accessories: Ice feet x2, Ice hand, Ice spike

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Astral Armor Xavier

A newer Professor X was needed to replace the smaller, older figure. Unfortunately it is not one of his more familiar looks. This figure uses the original Professor X head and the body from the Living Laser as well as the same body that was used for the series US Agent figure that was only released in Europe. The figure itself is pretty cast from a clear red plastic comes with snap on silver armor.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: Mental bolt, Leg armor x2, Belt pieces, Chest armor pieces x2, Shield

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Heavy Metal Beast

A repaint from the Iron Man series 5 Dark Aegis figure with a series 5 Beast head. I don't remember Beast ever wearing any armor like this.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: Arm armor x2, Leg armor x2, Shoulder pad armor x4, Missles x2, Launcher

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Magnetic Armor Wolverine

This figure was made from the Magnetic Armor Iron Man. The only thing that was changed was the colors and the head. The head is from the series 2 Wolverine. The figure comes with snap on armor, just like all Iron Man figures did. Since he was originally an Iron Man figure, he can swap armor pieces with any other Iron Man.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: Shoulder pads x2, Leg armor x2, Belt pieces x2, Arm armor x2, Chest armor x2, Claw, Claw launcher

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This was a nice addition to this series, as Quicksilver had not had a figure before. The figure is ok as it is a reused Spiderman body which means it has very good articulation. The head always looked a little odd to me like his neck was too long or something. His one hand looked a little odd too since it was originally the hand that Spider-man had in his web-shooting pose. Still, a nice addition to the series.

Figure ability: Speed sled
Accessories: Dust cloud, Machine gun

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Quicksilver Repaint

Same figure as the normal Quicksilver only in his new costume.

Figure ability: Speed sled
Accessories: Dust cloud, Dust cloud

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