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Marvel Legends Series 6 - 2004

Series 6 would irritate many collectors, due to production and distribution problems, even though the series did contain a lot of characters and figures that fans had been waiting for. Initial cases usually contained mostly Wolverines and Punishers, with the occasional Cables and maybe a Juggernaut. Phoenix and Deadpool were rarely seen at all. Stores would only get in one or two cases then nothing for a long time, and eventually series 7 started showing up. Since then, ToyBiz has sent out new cases of series 6 with better ratios in them. Still, some of the series 6 figures are tough to get, especially the chase figures. This series also contained a re-release of the mask less wolverine, in an effort to give collectors another chance at the chase figure.

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Cable finally got a figure in this lineup. He is in his more recent X-Men outfit and features both a good sculpt and good articulation. They for some reason painted all the veins in his arms blue so they stick out a lot. Not sure why they did that. His face also has a weird expression on it. He comes with a large shoulder pads and a huge gun that turns into a hover bike of some sort. I like that the shoulder pads are removable, as they go with the chase version better than the normal one. The gun is a bit too large in my opinion though.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Handlebars x2, Hoverbike / Cannon, Shoulderpads, Stand, Foot pedals x2, Rock stand

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Cable (Brown variant)

This is the same as the normal Cable, just in his light blue and grey like when he first appeared in comics. The shoulderpads would look much better on this figure than the normal one.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Stand, Shoulderpads, Handlebars, Hoverbike / Cannon, Rock base, Foot pedals

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Dark Phoenix

This figure is the exact same as the normal Phoenix, just in her Dark Phoenix colors. Since Phoenix was so tough to find, her chase would be even tougher. This is probably the toughest chase figure to find out of the entire Marvel Legends line.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Phoenix base

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Deadpool is another great figure in this line and a fan favorite. He comes with interchangeable heads so that you can have an unmasked or masked Deadpool. His figure looks exactly like he does in the comics, and is the best Deadpool to date. He comes with a Doop figure for some reason, which does look good despite being an odd accessory. He would be one of the tougher figures to find as well, initially being packed one per case or not at all like Phoenix. It seemed that with a case you would get one Phoenix, one Deadpool or neither.

Figure ability: Articulation, Interchangable Head
Accessories: Figure stand, Doop figure, Sais x2, Machine guns x2, Maskless head, Swords x2, Handgun

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Doop was an accessory to Deadpool in this series. He’s the only X-Statix figure to date too. The figure itself is pretty good looking, as the character really didn’t have a lot of detail to him. His arms can move though can he can be attached to Deadpool’s base so it looks like he’s flying.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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The Juggernaut was one of the more anticipated figures in the series 6 lineup. The figure itself is actually a remolded Savage Hulk figure with a lot of retooling done to him. The final product is very good looking and since it was a Hulk figure to start is in proportion to most of the other figures in this line. Juggernaut also features a removable helmet and a smashed up Xavier's Institute gate.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Front gate base, Helmet

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Phoenix would be one of the few female figures released in this line. She is a nice addition to the lineup and gives us another X-Men figure. The figure is very well articulated and uses the female body that a lot of the other figures use. She comes with a Phoenix bird as a base. She would be one of the tougher figures to find out of this series as she was either packed one per case or not at all in a case

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Phoenix base

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Punisher (Movie Ver.)

This is the movie version of the Punisher. The figure is ok, but is probably the one that till be on the pegs the longest. The figure does come with a large arsenal of weapons and a nice leather trench coat that is actually a reused Blade trench coat. For some reason, this Punisher and Wolverine would be backed very heavily in a case, leaving him on the pegs for a long time.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Assault rifle, Figure base, Bazooka, Coat, Handgun

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Wolverine (Brown Suit)

This version of Wolverine is in one of his outfits that did not get many figures, which is his brown suit. The figure is a completely new mold and is shorter than everyone else, which is true to the comics. The claws on this figure are very well done and look great. This figure is probably one of the best Wolverines released, and actually welcomed by collectors.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Dojo base, Sword

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