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Avengers Series 3 - Unreleased

The third series of Avengers figures never got released due to low sales, which is a shame since there was supposed to be several good figures in the lineup.

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Ant-Man 2

This Ant-man figure was supposed to come with snap on armor that he could wear. It looks like a pretty good figure and looks very well done.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: None

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Deluxe Ultron

This Ultron was actually supposed to be a deluxe figure and had different attachable pieces that could be removed. The only pictures that were revealed are of him with wheels and also some spider legs.

Figure ability: Interchangable body parts
Accessories: None

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This Hawkeye had a much different look to him than any other of the Hawkeye figures. His bow and arrows are now incorporated into his armor that he was wearing, and could also be fired from his arm.

Figure ability: Firing armor
Accessories: None

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Iron Man

This Iron Man is a slight variation of the Avengers Reborn Iron Man, except to the 5 inch scale rather than the 6 inch that the other one was. This is not the armor Iron Man wore in the Avengers cartoon.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Remnant is a classic villain and looks to be a very neat figure. The sculpt that he has is very well done with a decent amount of articulation. This character would be the only one in the line that would be getting a figure for the first time and it was never released in any series.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Ultron head

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This Thor is roughly based off the Avengers Reborn figure, except to the 5 inch scale. The figure is also the only figure that has a beard and with no helmet, which was based off the animated look he had in the animated series. Thor comes with a small rock with Loki trapped inside.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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