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Incredible Hulk Classics - 2004

The Hulk Classics series as released the same time as the X-Men classics and was to help put out some new Marvel Legends style figures. Like the Spider-Man classics line, the lineups mostly included the main character, which was Hulk and a few amount of villains. The Hulk variants that they produced were very good though. The villains of this series would be extremely hard to find.

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The Abomination would be the villain of the lineup. The figure is very big, like the Hulk figures and very well articulated and comes with a nuclear missile. The figure would be very difficult to find, as he was only one per case of Hulk figures, and none per case in the Hulk / X-Men split case.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Mr. Fixit (Grey Hulk)

The Grey Hulk, or Joe Fixit, was another great choice for a Hulk variant. The figure isn't quite as big as the Savage Hulk, but he is just as detailed. He even comes with a leather trench coat that can be removed as well as a hat. The detail on this figure is of the highest quality. This would be one of the best Hulks made to date as well.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Tommy gun, Hat

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Savage Hulk

The Savage Hulk was a large improvement over the Marvel Legends Hulk. The was much larger than any other figure, and he was very well detailed and articulated. His upper body tends to slide around on the joint though, but that is a minor complaint. This is probably the best Hulk figure that was made.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Girder

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Smart Hulk

The Smart Hulk would be another fine choice for a Hulk variant. This Hulk is pretty big like the savage one, and even comes with his giant gun and a pair of glasses. This figure is just as articulated and detailed as the other figures.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Glasses

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