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X-Men Classics - 2004

This series was another offshoot of the Marvel Legends series, much like the Spider-Man and Hulk Classics. This series would have the same problem as a lot of the older X-Men series in that there were too many Wolverines, and the non-wolverine figures were short packed, making them difficult to find. This series was the last of the kind for the X-Men, as retailers still had leftover X-Men 2 movie figures, and were unwilling to order more X-Men figures.

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Archangel would be the toughest figure to find in this set, as he was packed one per case. In the Hulk/X-Men split cases, he did not get included. This figure uses the smaller body type that is used on several figures in the Marvel Legends line, and he has very large wings attached to his back. This is the classic Archangel costume, as the one that was given to him by Apocalypse way back around X-Factor #30.

Figure ability: Articulation, Missile Firing Action
Accessories: Missles x2, Wings

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Cyclops also got a figure in this lineup. The figure itself is very detailed as well as is very skinny, like he was supposed to be in the comics. Since he is so skinny, it does make his head appear a little small. Cyclops can also hook onto his base that he comes with to make his visor light up, which is a common figure ability among Cyclops figures.

Figure ability: Articulation, Light Up Visor
Accessories: Side guns x2, Missle turret, Danger room base, Top panel

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This Gambit is of him in his newer outfit that he had briefly on the X-Treme X-Men. He has an all black costume (much like the movie costumes) with his trench coat. He even has beard stubble painted on his face, which is a nice touch.

Figure ability: Articulation, Light-Up Eyes
Accessories: None

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Tiger Stripe Wolverine

This is another Wolverine variant in his classic yellow outfit. The figure is shorter than most other figures, which is a niece touch. The figure would be a lot better if he didn't have a large handle sticking out his back for his action feature. The figure bears a strong resemblance to the Marvel Legends Series 6 Wolverine released a short time after this figure was.

Figure ability: Articulation, Slash Attack
Accessories: None

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This Wolverine was one of the welcome additions to the set, as he is in his New X-Men outfit which he was wearing at the time. The articulation and detail are very good on this figure, and he is in scale with the rest of the figures in this line and in the Marvel Legends line, making him shorter than everyone else. His jacket is removable as well and he comes with a small Wild Sentinel figure.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Sentinel arms x2, Wild Sentinel

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