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X-Men Evolution Series 1 - 2001

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Cyclops is another great figure in this line. He looks just like he did on the animated series and is slightly taller than most figures. He has action features like most of the other figures that limit his articulation somewhat. Still, a great figure.

Figure ability: Light up visor
Accessories: None

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This version of Nightcrawler is a very good representation of his animated counterpart. He is very skinny, but is very well articulated. His tail is also bendable. He comes with a piece of the Danger Room that has a small catapult that can launch him through the fiery rings.

Figure ability: Jumping action
Accessories: Danger room base

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This Sabretooth was a good addition the line and looks just like his animated counterpart. His trench coat is made of a softer plastic so that it can move about quite easily. He is also decently articulated, but sue to his action features, he can�t move too well without releasing his triggers for his arms and legs for the kick and punch action.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Toxic barrel

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Surprisingly, this was one of the first figures Toad ever got. The figure is very well done and looks exactly like his animated counterpart. He has some sort of jumping action, which really didn�t work too well.

Figure ability: Jumping action
Accessories: Lockers

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Wolverine was an obvious choice for a figure, since he pretty much had one in every other X-Men series. This figure looks exactly like his animated counterpart, and is decently articulated as well. His articulation suffers some though due to the action features. His claws could look a lot better if they were not retractable.

Figure ability: Snap out claws, kicking action
Accessories: Missiles x2, Training robot

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