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Marvel Legends Series 5 - 2003

The 5th series of Marvel Legends would give us some new characters from various places around the Marvel Universe, including some Fantastic 4 and X-Men characters. Red Skull managed to make his way in as the chase figure, but not by choice. Apparently, ToyBiz had a tough time selling a figure who was a Nazi, so they compromised by making him the chase figure for the set. Blade was not a chase as previously thought, since there were production problems with him initially and he did not ship with the first cases that went out. This series also marked a change in that the series were getting larger, this time comprising of 1 chase and 6 normal figures instead of the normal 4.

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While not a chase figure, Blade would be one of the tougher figures to find initially. What happened was Wal-Mart wanted their shipments before they were ready. Blade was having some production problems, so they sent out the series without him at first. Later, he became easier to find, as he was included in the assortments like he should have been originally. Blade is one of the better figures in the series. This is his movie version of the character, but it’s very well done unlike the movie Daredevil. The figure has a leathery trench coat and his trademark motorcycle for a base. His sword can be places on his back and his sunglasses are removable.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Coat, Motorcycle, Sunglasses, Gun, Sword, Throwing blades

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Colossus is another great addition to the X-Men figures in the Marvel Legends line. He is about the same size and build as Thor, which makes him much bigger than everyone else, which is true to the comics. He features just as good articulation as any other figure in the line and also comes with a damaged Sentinel part as a base, like a lot of the other mutants in the series.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Sentinel body base

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Howard the Duck

I'm not sure why Howard the Duck got packaged with Silver Surfer, but he did. This would be his first figure as well and as far as it goes it is a decent one. He doesn't have as much articulation being a small figure but it's pretty good.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic is one of the figures in the line to reuse the Spider-Man Daredevil body. He also comes with detachable hands that can be replaced with either normal hands or stretched out hands - one in the shape of a hammer fist and the other in a large hand. The large hands are bendable as well. The figure is very well done but a lot of people don't like how the face is done and many collectors wanted the dark blue and white costume instead of the one he's wearing on this figure.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Fantasticar, Giant hand, Hammer hand

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Nick Fury

Nick Fury is another nice addition to the set and his sculpt and articulation are equal to what we've come to expect from this line. His gun in his holster is removable and comes with a rocket pack as a figure base which part of which is a reused base from Namor. The figure's body itself is also a reused Namor body and is a bit taller than most other figures. The shape of the mouth looks like the figure was suppose to come with a little cigar which he was seen smoking in the comics frequently.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Base bottom, Jetpack, Jetpack flame base, Gun

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Red Skull

Red Skull is the chase figure of this line and a tough one to find. His sculpt is great in the head but the body is just a reused movie Daredevil figure which means his articulation isn't very good. The body itself seems a little scrawny though. He comes with the same base from Captain America and also has a removable hat. The reason he was made a chase figure was that ToyBiz had a hard time getting stores (especially Wal-Mart) to carry a figure who was a Nazi. Instead of axing the figure completely, they decided to reduce it to a chase figure.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Tank base wall, Hat, Gun, Tank base

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Sabretooth got a figure in this line as well in one of his classic outfits. The fir on the body is very well done and he features a nice level of articulation as well. Personally, I thought he should be a bit bulkier as he seems kind of skinny to me. Like a lot of other mutants, he comes with a damaged Sentinel base.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Sentinel foot base

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Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer would get a shot at a figure in this line as well. Like Mr. Fantastic, he uses a Spider-Man Daredevil body, just with a shiny paint job. He comes with his trademark surfboard that he can attach to with little magnets in his feet. A lot of people would be a bit disappointed that he was not made chrome like some of the older Silver Surfer figures. For some reason, he is packaged with Howard the Duck, although later releases would not include Howard.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Rock stand, Howard the Duck figure, Surfboard

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