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Marvel Legends Series 4 - 2003

Two more X-Men would follow in series 4 as well as Punisher and Elektra. This series also has a first in that the chase for the series was Goliath, who was a repaint of a Giant Man figure from the Avengers boxed set. No variants of a figure already in the series for a chase this time around. This series would be produced in much larger numbers than any other series and would hang around for quite awhile in stores.

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Ant Man

Ant-Man is another repaint of the Ant-Man from the Avengers boxed set. He is pretty articulated for a figure that size and also comes with a removable helmet.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Helmet

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This is one of the best Beast figures made and one of the best Marvel Legends figures made. He's pretty big and very detailed, and has a great amount of articulation. His fingers and jaw can even move. He comes with a small bar for a base that he can be balanced on. The detail on the fur is very well done as well.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Pipe, Figure base

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Elektra would be the first female figure from the Marvel Legends line and would be remolded into a few other female figures. The articulation is very well, despite her smaller size. She comes with swords and sais which can be sheathed in a small weapons pack that can attach to her back. This would be one of the tougher figures in the line to find at first, but would become much easier after awhile to find.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Dojo base, Sheath, Sais x2, Swords x2

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Gambit is another fine addition to the X-Men line. He comes with a damaged Sentinel base a lot like the other X-Men figures in the line. He is very skinny just like the comics and comes with a cloth trench coat which adds to his articulation. He also comes with his staff and a card that is charged with energy that he can hold to make it look as though he's throwing it. The facial expression on this figure is a great likeness of the character.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Sentinel hand base, Energized card, Staff, Coat

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Goliath is the chase figure of the line. He is actually just a straight repaint of the Avengers boxed set Giant Man figure. Since the boxed set figure was much taller than the others, this repaint fits decently with Marvel Legends. He comes with an Ant-man and a Wasp figure which are repaints of the same figures from the boxed set.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Wasp figure, Antman figure

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The Punisher is another figure that was awaited by collectors. The figure like the others is very detailed and well articulated. He could have come with more firearms though, as his initial pictures showed him with a lot more. His base is a broken down fire escape that he can stand on. This is one of the cooler figures in the line. Unfortunately, he would be packed pretty heavily among cases and would end up warming the pegs for quite awhile.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Handgun, Base wall, Base bottom, Fire escape pieces x4, Assault rifle

Wasp (rerelease)

Wasp is another repaint from the Avengers boxed set and also features good articulation and sculpt.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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