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Marvel Legends Series 2 - 2002

With Dr. Doom ready for the second lineup, the decision was made to make it into more of a Fantastic Four lineup. In this series, we would get the delayed Dr. Doom, as well as the Thing, Human Torch, and Namor, as well as a few chase figures, which consisted of a variant Hulk from the first wave and a Doombot variant. Collectors were worried at first about the Doombot, as it wasn’t known if the mask came on or off Dr. Doom, so you couldn’t tell which one you had until you opened it. Fortunately, the mask comes off in the package so you know. Continuing the trend of the first wave, these figures would be super detailed and super articulated.

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The only difference between the Doombot and Dr. Doom is that the face under the mask is a robot, where Doom has a human face. This would be one of the chase figures of the line.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Mask, Gun, Castle base, Cape

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Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom isn't as articulated as some other Marvel Legends, but he makes up for that with a great sculpt. Doom hasn't ever really had a great figure until now. The mask is removable, which is a very nice touch revealing his slightly scarred face underneath. I'm not sure if that's all the scarring he ever had or not, as I was under the impression he was horribly scarred. The cloak is also removable as well as the gun in his belt. Doom's legs are articulated in the hips, but due to his longer shirt they really can’t be moved very much which is the figure’s only limiting factor. The figure also comes with a small tower that Doom can stand on. Doom originally was slated to come with a larger grey base (seen in gallery) but the base was switched to the smaller tower.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Castle base, Mask, Cape, Gun

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This figure is the same as the series 1 Hulk with blue pants and a tattered cloth lab coat. Nothing else is new except the skin is a more jade colored and the head lacks heavy shadowing around the eyes. This was the chase figure of the bunch, but would also be included in later refresher cases.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Shirt

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Human Torch

The Human Torch is one of the scrawnier figures in the line. He uses the same base body as the Spider-Man Daredevil from the Spider-Man Classics line, only with flames sculpted on. The Human Torch was always a difficult figure to do since he's on fire and fire is difficult to sculpt. Still not a bad figure at all especially with his great articulation. The first version of the figure featured a '4' on his chest, which many collectors didn't like. ToyBiz later changed it so that he no longer had the '4' on his chest. He comes with a flame base that is actually a reused base from an X-Man figure from the Marvel's most wanted line.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Flame base bottom, Flame base top, Flame tendril, Flame tendril

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Human Torch

This Human Torch was the same as the other one, but with a 4 on his chest. This version was actually produced first and many collectors did not like the 4, so it was removed in later productions.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Flame base bottom, Flame tendril, Flame tendril, Flame base top

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Namor was one of the figures that seemed to be most abundant of the line. This version is not of him in his classic look of just his trunks, but his more current look of a full outfit. From what I understand, stores didn't want to carry a figure of a mostly naked man in his trunks. He comes with a base that is a wave of water that can hold him as well as his trademark spear. He seems to be a bit taller than a lot of the other figures, but that's ok. He doesn't have the articulation in the torso like most of the Marvel Legends though.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Trident, Water base, Base bottom

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The Thing is another big figure a lot like the Hulk. He comes with articulated fingers like the first version of the Hulk, which would later be replaced like Hulk's hands were with non bendable fingers. He's pretty articulated like most of the other figures. His skin is sculpted in a rocky way, though it seems a little too smooth to me. I liked the really rocky skin that they gave the first Thing figure from the Fantastic Four line. He also comes with a wall that he can knock down.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Yancy St. base wall chunks x4, Yancy St. base sides x2, Yancy St. base bottom

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Trench Coat Thing

This Thing is another chase figure that is the same as the normal Thing, but with a trench coat, hat, and sunglasses. This figure was an exclusive to Wal-Mart, to make up for the fact that Wal-Mart did not carry the first series of Marvel Legends figures.

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: None

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