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Venom Along Came A Spider - 1997

One of the spin-off's of the Spider-Man toyline. This line seems more aimed at collectors and the figures are a bit larger than the traditional 5-inch figures featured in the Spider-Man line. The series features characters that mostly only appeared in the comics. The gimmick in this line is that each figure comes with a monster spider that had some sort of action feature involving the legs.

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Bride of Venom

The Bride of Venom is a character that only appeared in the comics and is the only figure of this character to date. The pose that she is in makes it somewhat difficult for her to stand properly. The figure is pretty well done though, like most of the female figures from Toybiz's early attempts to transition to the 6 inch scale, she ends up a bit short for a 6 inch figure but is taller than the standard 5 inch figures from the Spider-Man toyline. The mid-transformation sculpt is similar to the Venom figure from the first Spider-Man Classics series.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Spider

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Phage was another of Venom's spawn from the comics. Like the Venom in this series, this figure is modeled after the Symbiote by itself instead of joined to a host. The figure is very large and detailed, though not very articulated.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: pincer spider with clip claw and gripping leg action

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Spider-Carnage is a decent figure and the only figure of this particular version to date. The figure has a great sculpt but is done in a very dark red transparent plastic which hides some of the detail if not in direct light. The figure has an odd pose that makes it difficult to pose any other way. The figure in the prototype pictures was had a lighter shade of red than the final release.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Venom the Symbiote

This version of Venom is very odd looking, though it is how it looked in one of the Venom miniseries. The figure is actually very tall, but how the legs are position, makes him only slightly taller than most other figures. The figure is very well detailed and has a great amount of articulation. This is the only figure besides Phage that really fits in with the standard Spider-Man toyline.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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