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Video Game Series Marvel vs. Capcom - 1999

The Marvel vs. Capcom series was very similar to the X-Men vs. Street Fighter series in that it featured two packs of figures with one being Marvel and the other being a Capcom figure. Most of the Marvel figures were repaints of previous versions of that character. Each set came with a cardboard background from the video game.

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Captain America

This Captain America is a repaint of the Silver Age one, but painted in his current outfit (the mask connects to the rest of the costume, unlike the Silver Age one). Other than that, the figure is basically the same as the other release. The paint jobs is good, so is the articulation and detail on the figure. This figure comes with a Morrigan figure.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Shield

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Captain Commando

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Mega Man

Mega Man is one small figure. He is about half the size of everyone else, which is how he was in the Marvel vs. Capcom game. The figure though is pretty well done. He's not super detailed, as there wasn’t much detail to add. He is painted a nice shiny blue though, which looks good. He has snap on armor and his legs extend some to put him in his super mode.

Figure ability: Snap on armor
Accessories: Helmet crest, Armor x2

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Figure ability: Wing flapping action
Accessories: None

Spider-Man (rerelease)

As far as I know, this is the same figure that was released in the Spider-Man Web Trap series with the same paint job. He comes with a Strider figure.

Figure ability: Snap on web shield
Accessories: None

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Figure ability: None
Accessories: Cape, Knife, Sword

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Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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War Machine

This War Machine figure is a mix of parts from pervious War Machine figures. The body is from the first War Machine figure, while a lot of the armor is from the second figure. The parts are painted more towards the colors of the first figure though. The armor is glued on however, which makes it stay on very well, but means you can't change armor pieces with other Iron Man / War Machine figures. He comes packaged with a Mega Man figure.

Figure ability: Missile firing action
Accessories: Missles x2, Backpack launcher

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