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Miscellaneous Series New Mutants - 1999

The New Mutants series is another spin-off to the X-Men toyline, much like the X-Force toyline only in this case only one series got made and only consisted of three figures of four characters. This time around, it's several characters from the New Mutants. Wolfsbane would have fit in the X-Men line, since she was in the comics at the time, but Cypher, Warlock, and Magik were not. Cypher was killed off in New Mutants #60, Warlock was killed off in New Mutants #95, and Magik was killed off in Uncanny X-Men #303. Toybiz could have expanded this line quite a bit, as several of the New Mutants either never got figures at all, or never got figures in their classic pre X-Force appearances. The figures in this set are slightly closer to the 6 inch scale, particularly Warlock. Wolfsbane and Magik don't look too out of place with 6 inch scale figures since they were teenagers during the period their designs are based on.

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This Lockheed is the same as the one released with Captain Britain in the Modern Age series. The figure is still really well done.

Figure ability: Shooting action
Accessories: Missle, Wings x2

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Magik had been dead in the comics for several years by the time she got her first figure but it's one of the best ones in this small set. As most the figures, she has a good sculpt and articulation. She also comes partially armored in nice shiny chrome that is what really looks good. Her headdress is removable and the fur on her boots is as well so she can be displayed in the standard New Mutants uniform. She comes with her Soulsword as well.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Tiara, Sash, Shirt, Boot fur tops x2, Belt, Soulsword

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This version of Magik had a slightly different paint job. Where the other one was red, she is blue. Nothing else is different.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Like Magik, Warlock and Cypher had been dead in the comics a long time but still get a figure in this line. This figure is based on Warlock's classic appearance and it's one of the stranger figures that Toybiz put out. The figure looks exactly like he did in the comics, which is why he is odd looking. The figure itself is very tall, and very detailed. He also features a lot of articulation, and a built in disc firing mechanism in his arm. The head can be removed to show Doug Ramsey, who often used Warlock as protective armor thus this doubles as a Cypher figure.

Figure ability: Disc firing action
Accessories: Discs x3

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Wolfsbane's second figure would be one of the better ones. This figure is modeled after her original transformed appearance during her time with the New Mutants where the fur covered almost all of her costume except the belt. The figure is not super articulated but can be put into a few different poses. The figure appears to be designed to be hunched over but can be made to stand straight with a little effort. The likeness is very good for the time and this remains one of the character's only figures.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Arrow Cannon, Backpack, X-Men Belt, Missiles x3

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