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Miscellaneous Series Famous Couples - 1999

The Famous Couples line could be considered a two pack, since it came in the similar style boxes that the two packs did, except there were more than one of them, so I separated them out. Each set contained two figures and a pin of some sort. The figures were usually repaints of some sort, but were really well done.

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This Cyclops is another figure that uses the Archangel II body. Like a lot of the others, he has the spots for the wings still in his back. The head is from a Monster Armor figure, which was an odd choice. The figure is very well done and is in his late X-Factor outfit.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

Gambit (rerelease)

This Gambit is the one that was originally supposed to be in the Age of Apocalypse series but was dropped for some reason. The figure is pretty good and has a decent amount of articulation. The fireball throwing action was also retained.

Figure ability: Blast throwing action
Accessories: Spear, Fireball, Cape

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Jean Grey

This Jean Grey is of her in her later X-Factor outfit. The figure is a repaint of an Invisible Woman with a Medusa head. The figure is nice since there were no X-Factor Jean Grey figures yet.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Cerebro unit, Psychic fist x2, Psychic spear

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Mary Jane

Mary Jane finally got a figure in this two pack. She is a repainted Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four Series 2, but is still well done. She would makes a nice addition to the Spider-Man toyline.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Pin

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This Rouge is actually a straight White Queen repaint with a cloth shirt on. The figure is decently done although it doesn't fully look like he in the Age of Apocalypse. They should have used the body from the Monster Armor series, as that was a lot closer. The figure is ok though the shirt is removable though with some effort.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Belt, Shirt, Stand

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This is yet another Spider-Man with an interchangeable Peter Parker head. Not a lot else is new.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Backpack, Suction cup and rope, Spider-Man head

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