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Miscellaneous Series The Vault - 1999

The Vault was a small series that focused completely on the villains in the Marvel Universe, since all the other lines tended to focus on the heroes. This was another line aimed more at collectors. Unfortunately, it only had three figures, as there were a lot of villains who got left out of the various lines.

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Stegron was primarily a Spider-Man villain but there never seemed to be any room for him in the toyline. This would round out the line with a third figure. His figure is a larger figure, as he was in the comics. The figure is pretty detailed as well and is a nice addition to any collection and fits in well with other toylines like Spider-Man. He also comes with restrains, which he sometimes wore in the comics.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary would be a good choice for this line, since she did not really fit into any other line, as the character was not associated with any one particular series. The figure she got was very well done and decently articulated as well, and also fits in decently with the X-Men toyline since she sometimes appeared in the X-Men comics.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Restraints, Restraints, Restraints, Chain, Straight Jacket, Sword

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This Ultron is a great figure choice, as he didn't get many in many lines for being a larger villain. The figure itself is pretty detailed with a lot of robotic details and is very articulated as well. His head lights up when a button on his back is pressed. The figure is painted silver with a blue wash and has several peculiar black markings around his body. This Ultron is a bit taller than the previous figure and actually fits in with both thd 5 inch and 6 inch scales since his height varied in the comics.

Figure ability: Light up head
Accessories: Shoulder cannon, Restraints

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