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Miscellaneous Series Modern Age - 1999

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Black Bolt

This Black Bolt was a large improvement over the Fantastic Four version. He is in his new black costume which he switched to not long after the original figure was released. The figure is technically a repaint of the multijointed Daredevil figure from the Spider-Man line with a modified head. He comes with detachable wings as well. The figure is extremely articulated and is painted up very well. He comes with a large energy blast from the X-Men vs. Street Fighter line.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Captain Britain

Captain Britain was another figure that was not a major character, but was in a lot of comics, especially Excalibur. The figure is another reuse of the Archangel II body with a new paint job. He also comes with Lockheed, Kitty Pryde's pet dragon from the comics. This figure firs in really well in the X-Men toyline since he made several crossovers with them.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

Lockheed (rerelease)

Lockheed was technically an accessory to Captain Britain, but is still articulated and pretty well detailed. The figure is a straight re-release of the Lockheed figure that came with Magik in the New Mutants line.

Figure ability: Shooting action
Accessories: Missle, Wings x2

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Shang Chi

Shang Chi got a figure in this series as well. The figure is a lot like some of the Street Fighter figures that were released and features removable cloth clothes as well, which is a nice tough. The figure is well done and decently articulated as well.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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This Wolverine was one that fans were actually waiting for awhile. With all the variants, this costume would be overlooked a lot. The figure comes maskless though, which is fine. The figure is mostly parts from the Water Wars Wolverine, with the body from a Battle Brigade Patch Wolverine and the head from a Ninja Force Wolverine. The figures these parts came from were all very good, so this figure is just as good.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: Sword, Knife

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