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X-Men Age of Apocalypse - 1996

Following the comic series by the same name, this series had most of the main characters from the comics. Each one is done very well, and this was a good selling figure line. The Gambit figure was not included with the assortment for some reason, but later released as a two pack with an Age of Apocalypse Rouge. Toy Biz was again scaling back figure lines from 6 figures to 5.

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You couldn't have an Age of Apocalypse without Apocalypse. The figure is very well done and even comes with the Shadow King. The figure could have been a bit bigger but it still looks great. The large hands make the head look a little small though and sometimes doesn't stay attached all that well. The removable cape is a nice touch as well although he does look strange without it.

Figure ability: Interchangeable hands
Accessories: Shadow King, Saw hand, Hands x2, Cape

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The Cyclops figure is a very good figure as are all the figures in this set. The only drawback to it is the position in the legs which makes it difficult to pose in very many positions other than the one that is the standard. Still, the figure has a lot of articulation and a great sculpt. The head does have trouble moving due to the longer hair though. This is one of the better figures in this lineup.

Figure ability: Laser blaster
Accessories: Gun, Plasma bolt, Cable, Brain in a jar

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This figure got dropped from the final lineup for some reason. The figure is not as good as the others, but it is not bad. It was later packaged with an Age of Apocalypse Rouge in the Famous Couples line. The figure has a spring loaded arm that can throw a small fireball and a removable cape.

Figure ability: Blast throwing action
Accessories: Cape, Fireball, Spear

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A great Magneto figure - this one is better than the series 2 one. The figure comes with a removable cape and helmet which looks good both on or off the figure. This figure would get reused a few times to make other Magneto figures.

Figure ability: Removable helmet and giant hand
Accessories: Giant metal hand, Helmet, Cape

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This Sabretooth figure is an exact replica of what he looked like in the comics. He comes with a small Wild Child figure. The only drawback to this figure is his legs, which are difficult to put in any other poses other than the normal one.

Figure ability: Wild Child sidekick
Accessories: Wild Child sidekick, Chain, Ponytail

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Weapon X

This is one Wolverine variant that makes sense, since he played a part in the Age of Apocalypse. The figure is very well done and does look very wild. The interchangeable weapons are a neat feature, even though the claw is the only one that makes sense.

Figure ability: Interchangeable hands
Accessories: Claw, Gun, Bullet clip, Scythe

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Wild Child

Wild Child got a figure in the form of a small sidekick figure to Sabretooth. The figure is pretty well done although he has no articuation at all.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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