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X-Men Invasion - 1995

This is a series of half remakes, not a lot of new characters, but all of the remakes are good ones, and so are most of the new figures. This is also a larger series, consisting of 7 figures. At the time, Toy Biz was cutting the figure line's sizes down to 6 figures. After a few months of production, the Archangel II figure would be dropped and the Erik the Red figure would be added. Erik the Red was dropped from the original lineup.

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Archangel II

This is a great remake of Archangel. The body is done so well that it will be used many many times in lots of figures. The body itself if actually a modified figure from the Hercules line that Toybiz was working on at the time. This figure was one of the harder ones to find since it was replaced with the Erik the Red figure after awhile. The wings flap when the legs are squeezed together.

Figure ability: Wing flapping action
Accessories: None

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Battle Ravaged Wolverine

Another Wolverine, but this one is in the original costume and bulkier than any other Wolverine. His costume is tore up much like it looked in the comics many times. His 'door' accessory is kind of odd though. The figure has a slashing action which will make his arms will rotate around when the lever on his back is pushed.

Figure ability: Slashing action
Accessories: Door halves x2

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Captive Sabretooth

This is a figure of how Sabretooth looked in the comics at the time when he was kept in the X-Mansion. The Accessories he comes with are restraining devices that were used on him to keep him from attacking the X-Men. When the legs are squeezed together, the restraining devices would 'break' off the figure. This figure is a good likeness of Sabretooth, but would be used on several Wolverine repaints for some reason. The original prototype was painted with a black shirt and orange pants as Sabretooth appeared at the time, but this was changed for unknown reasons.

Figure ability: Mouth opens and arms fly up when legs are squeezed
Accessories: Muzzle, Hand restraints

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Erik the Red

He is another difficult figure to find. This figure was released, but only for a short time. Some backs of cards stopped showing him on the back for some reason. The figure itself is pretty good, with a reddish-metallic paint job. Interestingly, the Erik the Red figure would replace the Archangel II figure after a month or two of being released. He could use some articulation in the knees, but he is otherwise a good figure. This also counts as a Cyclops figure and as a Magneto figure since both Cyclops and Magneto briefly disguised themselves as Erik the Red, in Uncanny X-Men #51 and Uncanny X-Men #350, respectively.

Figure ability: Metallic armor
Accessories: Gun

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A Havok is finally produced after being canceled in series 2. This figure is another X-Factor figure as they seemed to bring out one X-Factor figure each year. The figure is slightly taller than other figures but that is the only drawback. When the waist is twisted his arm will move so that he can throw his plasma ball when the waist is let go.

Figure ability: Plasma throwing action
Accessories: Plasma ball, Plasma burst

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Iceman II

This is a new Iceman with a bulkier look based on the newer appearance he had in the comics at the time. He came with larger Ice-limbs that could be attached to his arms to give him bigger hands like he did in the comics a few times. He has a switch in his back to move a chunk of ice up and down and doesn't really do much besides that.

Figure ability: Extending ice limbs
Accessories: Ice hand, Ice hand

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Probably the worst figure of this assortment, although the figure itself isn't too bad though. The figure features sword slashing action, and can hold up to 4 swords, even though it only came with 2. I think the figure would have been better if they left out the sword-slashing gimmick.

Figure ability: Sword slashing action
Accessories: Swords x2

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