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Marvel Universe '96 Series 3 - 1996

This is another rerelease series with two new repaints.

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Dark Phoenix

This is the same figure that was in the X-Men Phoenix Saga, but painted up like Dark Phoenix. This is a good idea since Phoenix and Dark Phoenix looked pretty much the same.

Figure ability: Light up hair
Accessories: None

Iceman II (rerelease)

This is the same figure that was in X-Men Invasion series.

Figure ability: Extending ice limbs
Accessories: Ice hand, Ice hand

Iron Man (rerelease)

This is the same figure that was in Iron Man series 1

Figure ability: Removable armor
Accessories: Launcher, Chest armor, Belt, Boots, Arm armor, Launcher, Shoulder armor

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Spider Armor Spider-Man

This is the same figure that was in Spider-Man series 3, but gold instead of silver.

Figure ability: Web shield
Accessories: Shield

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