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Marvel Hall of Fame Series 5 - 1997

This is series is the “Unmasked” series in that all the figures have removable masks or helmets. The figures were all really well done, and some were even new versions of existing characters.

Carnage Unleashed (rerelease)

This is the same as the Spider-man series 6 release.

Figure ability: Symbiotic limbs
Accessories: None

Deadpool II (rerelease)

This figure is exactly the same as the Deadpool II from X-Force series 6

Figure ability: Removable mask and hand
Accessories: None

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This Magneto is a repaint of the X-Men Age of Apocalypse series Magneto, repainted to look like he did around Uncanny X-Men # 200 when he was the headmaster of the New Mutants and a member of the X-Men.

Figure ability: Removable helmet
Accessories: Giant metal hand, Helmet

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This is the same as the Spider-man series 4 release only with some white on him similar to how the series 7 Venom is. He also comes with the chest shield that came with the second Marvel Superheroes Venom figure.

Figure ability: Changeable head
Accessories: None

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War Machine

This War Machine is different because this is the only one to feature a removable mask. Other than that, it is basically an Iron Man series 4 War Machine II with a slightly different paint job. The mask is from a Tony Stark figure and the head is from an X-Force G.W. Bridge figure.

Figure ability: Removable helmet
Accessories: None

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