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X-Men Mutant Genesis - 1995

The Mutant Genesis line is a leftover line, because two of the six figures were supposed to be or already released earlier - Maverick and Senyaka. The rest of the series doesn't offer too much in the terms of main characters, as it has mostly minor characters.

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Cameron Hodge

Cameron Hodge is a decent choice for a figure, as he was a big part of the X-Tinction Agenda, as well as the Phalanx Covenant. The figure itself was pretty good although it could have used some more color on it as he is pretty much all yellow. The figure comes with a built in squirt gun that is used when a small pump is stuck into his back.

Figure ability: Water squirting action
Accessories: Water pump

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Fang Wolverine

This is one of the better Wolverine variants since he actually did wear this outfit for a very short time in the comics. When he was fighting one of the Shi'ar imperial guard member named Fang. Wolverine's clothes were nearly destroyed so he took Fang's. He comes packaged with a lot of weapons from Spy Wolverine.

Figure ability: Slashing action
Accessories: Knives (4), Knives (2), Knife, Knife

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The Maverick from series 4 is finally released only with a blue coloring instead of a silver one. Like the other release the figure has quick draw action and features decent articulation. This version comes with his normal gun as well as Cable's from X-Force seris 1.

Figure ability: Quick draw action
Accessories: Gun, Large gun

Senyaka (rerelease)

The exclusive figure from series 6 is released as a regular figure now.

Figure ability: Whip cracking action
Accessories: None

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Sunfire's first figure resembles how he looked in Uncanny X-Men around issue #290. The figure is pretty good although he seems a bit big for this character. The figure has good articulation though and the chrome armor is a nice touch.

Figure ability: Solar armor
Accessories: Shield, Solar Armor

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X-Cutioner is a newer minor character to the comics, and another odd choice. This figure would have some variants, which the armor and boots being dark green instead of the gray-light blue. I think the figure would have looked better if they left out the staff spinning action and made that arm articulated like the other one. That's just my opinion though.

Figure ability: Staff spinning action
Accessories: Mace, Mace, Mask

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This is the variant of the figure with the green instead of the blue.

Figure ability: Staff spinning action
Accessories: Mace, Mask, Mace

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