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X-Men Series 1 - 1991

The first assortment of X-Men figure brought out by Toybiz, and it was bigger than most assortments to come. It also contained a good selection of main characters from the X-Men universe. This figure line's figures are much smaller than all of the figures to come, but were to the scale of the Marvel Superheroes line, which was also still going when this series was released. Initially, all the chracters were not going to have any elbow or knee articulation (except Nightcrawler) but was changed at the last minute. Some of the figures in this series were reissued in the Repaint series in 1993.

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This Apocalypse was molded after his skinnier look he currently had when he appeared from time-to-time in the X-Factor comics as the main antagonist. His legs and torso will pull apart somewhat to make him grow taller. A new Apocalypse would later be released to show the new bulkier look he now had in the comics after becoming 'Apocalypse Prime'.

Figure ability: Extending legs and torso
Accessories: Staff, Missle

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Angel's first figure would be designed in his then-current Archangel persona and it's one of the better-looking figures in the first X-Men series. The figure is modeled after the costume Apocalypse gave him when he became his Horseman in X-Factor #23. The figure itself is very well articulated like most of the figures in the line. His wings will flip by pushing the switch on his back. He also has small missiles that fit into the ends of his wings that can be shot out.

Figure ability: Missiles fire from tips of the wings, wings flap
Accessories: Missle x2

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This is Colossus is in his original X-Men outfit he wore when he joined the team. The figure comes with a giant dumbbell that he can lift by moving a lever on his back. The figure is kind of small by later standards especially considering he was bigger than everyone else in the comics. He wouldn't see a new figure for quite a while. Unfortunately, Colossus was one of the few figures in the first X-Men series that did not have the added articulation in the knees and elbows, and due to the lifting mechanism, his arms aren't very well articulated.

Figure ability: Power lifting - will lift the giant dumbbell
Accessories: Dumbell

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Cyclops's first figure would be of him in his current X-Factor outfit. The figure is a bit small by later standards. The light up visor is a good ability for Cyclops as it does relate to his powers. The light up visor power would be used again in the future for a handful of other Cyclops figures. The figure's leg sculpt seems to have a bit of a balance problem. Cyclops would be one of the only original members to get a figure modeled in his X-Factor outfit, as no figures of Angel, Beast, or Iceman in their X-Factor costumes would be produced in later series.

Figure ability: Light up visor
Accessories: Portable Cerebro Unit

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This Juggernaut figure is too small in my opinion to make him look right. The figure has wheels on the bottom of his feet which allowed him to roll forward to ram things but it made his feet very big. The large feet made him easy to stand however. The punching action worked very well and worked by moving the lever on his back which would get both arms to swing back and forth. The ramming feature and the punching feature severely limited his articulation though.

Figure ability: Punching ability, wheels on feet allowed him to ram things
Accessories: Battering Ram

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The first Magneto had several features that would not be used again until later series. His removable helmet and cloth cape were unique to this figure. The sculpting on this figure is really well done for the first series other than his figure being a bit small, but that was common on the first few X-Men series. The articulation is good possessing both elbow and knee articulation and he possesses magnets in his chest and hands for the junk metal pieces to attach to.

Figure ability: Magnetic chest that you can magnetically attach the small pieces of junk metal to
Accessories: Helmet, Cape, Junk piece, Junk piece, Junk piece

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Nightcrawler's first figure is modeled in his original costume. He was originally the only figure in the first series of X-Men figures that was supposed to have articulation in the knees and elbows. It was later decided to add that to the other figures in the line. This figure also features a bendable tail, which is a very nice touch. The figure is a bit short by later standards, but is still a good figure.

Figure ability: Suction cups allow him to stick to surfaces, bendable tail
Accessories: Sword

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One of Toybiz's first female action figures, and the only female X-Man until a Rouge was released in 1994. The first Storm would be repainted and re-released several times before getting a remake. Originally, the designers wanted to have Storm's lightning bolt accessory to light up as well, but they were having troubles getting the mechanism to fit in the figure's body, so it was scrapped for the light up chest lightning bolt.

Figure ability: Light up lightning bolt on her chest
Accessories: Lightning Bolt

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This is the first of many Wolverine figures made by ToyBiz. He is in his current brown and orange costume, which he started wearing around Uncanny X-Men #139. He went back to his original yellow and blue tiger stripe costume shortly after this figure was released. Interestingly, although Wolverine would be remade in almost every series he would not be remade in this costume until the Modern Age series. Also, it is the only Wolverine with a removable mask. The figure comes with retractable claws, which was attempted on several figures after this one. The claws can be brought up into the arms and will spring out when a small lever is pushed on the back of his arms. The mask can double as a ring as well.

Figure ability: Retractable claws, removable mask
Accessories: Samurai Sword, Mask

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