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Jubilee was another neglected X-Man for a long while. She did eventually get a handful of figures, although she never did get one of how she looked when she was with the X-Men. Her figures were always a bit tall though, as she was short in the comics.

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Generation X Series 1 - 1996

Jubilee finally gets her first figure in this lineup. She almost looks a little too big though, as she was a very small person in the comics. She comes sculpted in her yellow jacket though and does have a good face on her. The hands to me always seemed a little big though. She does come with a small fireball that she can throw by pulling her arm back and letting go and also comes with snap on roller blades that are a neat feature.

Figure ability: Shooting energy
Accessories: Roller blades x2, Fireball, Stand

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X-Men Robot Fighters - 1997

One of the better figures in the line, this is Jubilee's second figure, the first being in the Generation X line. The figure was a little taller than it should be, and could use more articulation in the knees and elbows, but it is still a decent figure. The face and head though is much better than the Generation X figure.

Figure ability: Attacking Sentinel hand
Accessories: Sentinel hand, Finger missile

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X-Men Strike Team Set - 1998

This Jubilee is her third figure and is a Missile Flyers Shard body with a Generation X Jubilee head.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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