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Hope Summers

Cable would be the Wolverine of the X-Force series. He would have at least one variant in every lineup. Most of the figures made were pretty good though, even if he never wore the outfit in the comics. Each version seemed to be better than the last version though. He would have gotten more figures had the X-Force line continued I think.

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X-Force Series 1 - 1992

This is the first Cable figure of many. This figure is pretty well done and is molded after how he first appeared in later issues of New Mutants and the beginning of X-Force. The figure is decently articulated but has some odd arm articulation as the metal arm can move out to the side but not up and down like normal figure's articulations. The figure comes with a large gun as Cable used many in the comics at the time.

Figure ability: Chop action
Accessories: Gun

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Cable 2nd Edition

X-Force Series 2 - 1993

Marvel Universe '96 Series 11 - 1997

Cable variants would be very numerous in the X-Force line with this one being of him in space gear. The articulation is good with all the major points.

Figure ability: Deep space gear
Accessories: Helmet, Gun

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Cable 3rd Edition

X-Force Series 2 - 1993

X-Men Kay-Bee Series 2 - 1998

This was one of the better Cable variants as this figure didn't have any odd costumes like a space suit or an underwater costume. The figure came with guns like most all the other Cables did as well as a headset that could be removed.

Figure ability: Rapid rocket firing action
Accessories: Headset, Missile launcher, Missiles x2, Ammo Belt, Gun

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Cable IV

X-Force Series 3 - 1994

A 4th Cable appears in this line, this time sporting a rocket backpack. The figure itself is very well done like most of the Cable figures and features good articulation. There is a string on his rocket pack that when pulled he will slide up the string to simulate the rocket taking off. There are also some smaller rockets that attach to his feet. All of the rockets though do not seem to limit his movement at all which is nice.

Figure ability: Figure can slide up and down on a string
Accessories: Gun

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Cable V

X-Force Series 4 - 1994

This Cable is the 'Deep Sea Cable'. The figure itself is pretty good, as most of the Cables are. I don't know how many times he was in this costume though.

Figure ability: Deep sea gear
Accessories: Flippers x2, Harpoon gun, Knife

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Urban Assault Cable

X-Force Series 5 - 1994

This cable is pretty good, as it is the outfit that he wore in the Phalanx Covenant in the comics. The gun he comes with can be attached to the brown shoulder pad, although it sticks out pretty far. The gun, once attached can be moved around the shoulder pad.

Figure ability: Shoulder cannon blaster
Accessories: Projectiles x2, Gun

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X-Men Steel Mutants Series 2 - 1994

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Cyborg Cable

X-Force Series 6 - 1995

Marvel Universe '96 Series 4 - 1996

Marvel Hall of Fame Series 4 - 1997

This is Cable in his current outfit at the time. While the figure is a great figure but I think the ability is kind of odd. The tear off face and skin is ok but it doesn't stay on too well which leaves the exposed metal. To make it so that the skin wasn't sticking out the metal parts underneath had to be made slightly smaller, and look a little odd without the skin on them due to thier size. The face has a crack in the middle of it when the skin is attached and he looks kind of odd with two flesh arms instead of a metal arm and a flesh arm. But it is still a good figure. If it had the arms and head from the Urban Assault Cable it would have been perfect in my opinion.

Figure ability: Tear off skin
Accessories: Skin pieces x2, Ammo belt, Gun

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Stealth Cable

X-Force Series 7 - 1995

Same as the series 2 3rd edition Cable but painted black.

Figure ability: Stealth gear
Accessories: Gun, Headset, Missles x2, Missles Launcher, Ammo Belt

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Artic Cable

X-Force Series 7 - 1995

Same as Deep Sea Cable just painted white to look artic.

Figure ability: Artic gear
Accessories: Harpoon gun, Knife

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