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Absorbing Man

Another Hulk and Thor villain

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Absorbing Man

Incredible Hulk Transformations - 1997

Absorbing Man is a very detailed figure. His skin changes from skin to a rocky surface to riveted metal on his leg. The textures of each part are very detailed. The coloring on the figure is also very well done. Articulation-wise, he has ball-jointed arms which gives him more poseability. There is a lever on his back to make his arms move up and down. He is a bit big for the 5 inch scale, but fits in perfectly with Marvel Legends and other figures in the 6 inch scale.

Figure ability: Breakaway safe
Accessories: Ball and chain, Safe

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David Banner

Incredible Hulk Movie Series 3 - 2003

David Banner, or the Absorbing Man has really fine detail in the different qualities he is meant to mimic. Some places it's a nice blend from one element to the next, other times it simply stops and becomes something else. The limb changing gave him many possible configurations.

Figure ability: Inter-changeable limbs
Accessories: Limbs

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Absorbing Man

Incredible Hulk Classics Series 2 - 2004

Like Abomination, Absorbing Man would be the villain of the series, and also very hard to find due to poor distribution. The figure itself is very well done with interchangeable arms to show him absorbing different things. He even comes with a large Hulk arm. Many collectors wanted to see him in his classic prison stripes, rather than the bright orange pants.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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Absorbing Man

Marvel Legends Hulk: Fin Fang Foom Series - 2008

Figure ability: Articulation
Accessories: Ball and Chain

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