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Marvel Super Heroes Series 5 - 1991

This figure is just a repainted Captain America from the first series. You can still see Captain America's star on his chest, but that is just a feature of the mold. Steve Rogers (Captain America) had just got through wearing this outfit as 'The Captain' before he and the character switched alter-egos, therefore this can also be considered a Captain America figure. The figure even comes with 'The Captain's' shield rather than the shield the US Agent carried.

Figure ability: Shield laucher
Accessories: Launcher, Shield

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Iron Man Series 3 - 1995

U.S. Agent was supposed to be in this line, but got dropped to make the line consist of 6 instead of 7. The figure never got put in any other lineup and was never officially released. However, some figures did get out and are available on places like eBay. The body was reused on a few other figures, but this one never officially saw the light of day.

Figure ability: Firing shield action
Accessories: None

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US Agent

Marvel Legends Return of Marvel Legends Series 3 - 2012

US Agent finally makes his 6' debut in this wave.

Figure ability: None
Accessories: None

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