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Welcome to!

This site is dedicated to all the Marvel comics action figures and toys that have ever been produced by ToyBiz and other companies. This site was started as a reference for Marvel figure collectors awhile back and has grown slowly into what it is today. In the future, I mean to make this site an archive for every Marvel action figure and toy ever made. Until then, I am continually adding and updating figure information.

We need help!

Now that I have your attention is in need of some people to help out. Now that we have the new system in place, anyone can create a user account and log in and add or edit information right on the site. While we have a good listing of Marvel Legends and the older 5 inch figures, we are in need of information and pictures of any other marvel figures. Figure lines like the new 3.5 inch Marvel Universe line, Minimates lines, the old 10 inch figure series, etc... all need information and pictures badly. So, if you own a good number of some of these figures and want to help out, then you are the exact person we need! New to figure photopraghy? No worries! We have a nice little guide (soon) that will help get you started!

Rebuilding the site... moving to a new server...

Well the site is currently under heavy construction. Pretty much all of the internal code is being revised to allow for a more wikipedia like website.

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