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So you want to know more about this page, huh?
Well was started way back in 2001 mostly as a project to see if I could make a website. I also realized at the time there was no good resource for Marvel toy collecting as I kept discovering new figures I didn't know existed. So seeing a need and wanting to make a website, was born.

All of the coding is done in PHP and is done only by myself and has been revised from time to time. Since I am the only one working on the site's code there are large gaps between when things get worked on and that comes from just being busy with real life. When I get time I come back and revise things once in awhile. A good chunk of the photos on the site are taken by myself as well, although I have had some help with that and other data from time to time.

Version history

Version 1: Well this page originally started back in 2000 as an attempt at cataloging all the X-Men figures made. I was partially collecting them at the time and I was unable to find a complete listing of them all and decided to make a page for them and learn html all at the same time. Well the version didn't really last that long and didn't really work all that well and honestly never got finished or published anywhere. It wasn't really much to talk about other than it was a start and I had some ideas.

Version 2: The second version is really the first 'real' version. I scrapped most everything from version 1 except the idea and I ended up expanding the idea to all 5 inch figures. The page was still only in html which made for a lot of spelling errors and inconsistent data. This version was the first version to be online as well.

Version 3: Version 3 is the first version that uses PHP sitting on top of an SQL database. Pages are dynamically created to fit the growing amount of data that Marveltoys was starting to rack up. Most of the framework created here is still used today in some fashion, although heavily modified. This version did still use the graphics and layout of version 2 so there wasn't much new in terms of looks. A good portion of the figure photos were retaken as the first pictures I took weren't very good and I didn't really know much about figure photography then.

Version 4: Version 4 was mostly a graphical change to the website. All of the graphics and a lot of the layout was redone to look a little more modern and more colorful as previous versions lacked color and were dark overall. In addition to a graphical overhaul all the pictures were retaken and redone as I had a better camera. This version also incluede the first search engine to allow users to search by name or a variety of other things.

Version 5: Version 5 didn't change much in the way of looks but the database was revised some to allow for more information. In addition to that an editor was created to allow certain users to access and update the database. While the editor worked, it was pretty clunky and didn't work well. This version also featured a photo gallery for each figure as well.

Version 6: This is the current version of What has been done is the database has been overhauled and made more efficient due to me just knowing more about SQL databases. The code behind the website was all revised as well to reflect the new SQL changes and also has been made more efficient. Additionally, the website now allows for a more wiki-like interface where any user can log in and make changes to things. Those changes go into some pending tables where the changes will be saved and can later be reviewed and then commited if they are good. This should allow anyone that wants to help out to do so.

All characters and character likenesses are property of Marvel.

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